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Download a FREE Trial of the Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack from SolarWinds! 

Don’t let network performance issues cripple your organization.  Monitoring and analyzing network bandwidth performance and traffic patterns will enable you to quickly detect and solve critical issues, such as bandwidth hogs or underperforming devices.
With SolarWinds Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack you’ll be able to simplify detection, diagnosis, and resolution of network issues.  You’ll be able to view network performance statistics in real time so that you can prioritize business critical applications.
The best part is: This solution offers an extremely quick and easy do-it-yourself deployment, so you’ll be solving network issues in no time! To find out more about how to monitor your network in real time, reference the free, fully functional 30 day trial of SolarWinds Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack now!


SolarWinds is #1 in network monitoring. See why with a FREE trial of Network Performance  

With NPM you get:
  • Multi-vendor support and customizable dashboards, views, and charts
  • Critical path visualization for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud services with NetPath
  • Intelligent, dependency and topology-aware network alerts
  • Wireless network monitoring and management, including wireless heat maps
Try it today! Download your free, fully functional 30-day trial of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor.


Lunch and learn: Dealing with the risks of identity theft

This ready-made lunch and learn presentation will help educate your users about the risks of identity theft, how to avoid becoming a victim, and what to do if they think their personal information (or that of a colleague or customer) has been stolen. The PowerPoint presentation is based on our Identity Theft Policy and is intended to help reinforce and explain key policy concepts, as well as providing an opportunity for discussion and clarification.

Topics covered include:
  • What is identity theft and fraud?
  • Who is at risk?
  • What types of fraud are being conducted?
  • How does identity theft happen?
  • What are the signs of identity theft?
  • How can you protect yourself?
  • How should you respond to suspected identity theft incidents?


Research: Cloud vs. data center adoption rates, usage, and migration plans

IT departments used to have to make an argument for moving applications from the data center to the cloud. Now it’s the other way around in many organizations, as companies are more openly embracing the cloud. In March 2017, Tech Pro Research conducted a survey to get an idea of what companies are moving to the cloud, what they’re keeping in the data center, and who within organizations is pushing for a move to the cloud.

Here are some key findings from the survey:

  • A hybrid deployment is the norm. Fifty-eight percent of respondents said their companies have moved at least one application to the cloud, while still hosting data in the data center.
  • Only one out of 12 companies have all their applications in the cloud.
  • Almost half of respondents from full-cloud companies said executives led the push to the cloud, as opposed to 29% of respondents from companies that kept some applications in the data center.
  • Once companies moved to the cloud, they tended to stay there. Nearly half (48%) of respondents said their companies weren’t considering moving any apps back to the data center.
  • Web services is a popular application to have in the cloud. Among companies that have some of their applications in the cloud, 55% have moved web services.

This report contains more detailed results, plus analysis and recommendations for companies deciding what to keep in the data center and what to move to the cloud. To read it, download the full report, The cloud vs. data center: Adoption rates, usage, and migration plans.


Accelerate network troubleshooting with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

When users are reporting slowness in the network, you want to find the issue right away. Identify the root cause faster with the new PerfStack™ dashboard in SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor (NPM). 

With PerfStack in NPM, you can:
  • Drag, drop, and overlay peformance metrics from multiple data sources onto a single chart
  • Compare different data types side by side
  • Correlate multiple entities on a common timeline to identify patterns
Try it today—download your free, fully-functional 30-day trial of NPM now.