Red Hat polishes JBoss EAP for a cloud-native future

Red Hat on Monday rolled out a major new release to its JBoss Enterprise Application Platform that's designed to offer better support for containers and cloud-native applications.

It's been 10 years since Red Hat acquired JBoss, but much has changed in the technology world since then. Now, JBoss EAP 7 is optimized for cloud environments, Red Hat says. The platform combines Java EE 7 APIs (application programming interfaces) with key DevOps tools including Red Hat’s JBoss Developer Studio integrated development environment (IDE). Also included are Jenkins, Arquillian, Maven, and support for several Web and JavaScript frameworks.

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Facebook App Takes on Movie-Making Feature in iSO 10 With ‘Slideshows’ – Mac Rumors

Mac Rumors

Facebook App Takes on Movie-Making Feature in iSO 10 With 'Slideshows'
Mac Rumors
Facebook is shifting the movie-making Slideshow feature from its Moments app to its flagship iOS app in an attempt to counter Apple's Photos update in iOS 10. For those unfamiliar with Apple's big addition to its Photos app coming in iOS 10, a new ...
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Facebook rolls out Slideshow movie-maker to compete with Google and Apple

Facebook iOS Slideshow Most people can’t shoot compelling videos, and static photos are boring. That’s why the tech giants are all pushing their own versions of automatic movie makers based on your media. This month, Apple announced its version called Memories coming to iOS 10 Photos, Google Photos already has its Movies Assistant and today Facebook is rolling out Slideshow to all iOS users around the… Read More


Google Earth and Maps get sharper satellite imagery with new update

Columbia Glacier, Alaska Several years ago, Google engineers figured out a way to stitch together satellite imagery to remove clouds, giving Google Earth and Google Maps users a better and more comprehensive view of the ground below. Today, the company has repeated the process, but this time with newer, crisper imagery from NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Landsat 8 satellite. When Google first… Read More


Migraines may be a vascular disorder

A migraine is one of the most common health issues worldwide, affecting up to one in five people. But the mechanisms that drive migraines aren’t well understood. In fact, doctors and scientists are still trying to figure out if a migraine is primarily a vascular or a neurological disorder.  A new genome-wide association study published in Nature Genetics suggests that a migraine may primarily stem from problems with the blood supply system.

The data in this paper comes from a meta-analysis of 22 genome-wide association studies, a combined dataset of more than 35,000 migraine cases and even more controls. The primary meta-analysis found associations between migraines and 38 independent genomic regions, 34 of which this study associated for the first time with migraines.

When the authors characterized the genes near these associated loci, they found that a number of them were previously associated with vascular disease. Others are involved in smooth muscle contraction (smooth muscle lines larger blood vessels) and regulation of vascular tone. Some of these genes were also associated with arterial functioning.

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Check out Google Earth’s amazing new satellite imagery from Landsat 8 – ExtremeTech


Check out Google Earth's amazing new satellite imagery from Landsat 8
Earlier this week, Google announced that it upgraded the satellite imagery on Google Maps and Google Earth with data collected from Landsat 8. With finer detail, more accurate colors, and a faster rate of capture, these new images from the US ...
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Gun Control and Learning to Make Data-Driven Decisions

We live in an unprecedented age of information and computing power -- yet whether publicly or privately, we still make decisions largely on how we feel rather than based on hard information. With this massive influx of data and computing power, when it comes to issues like global warming or gun control -- and much of what is being shown as data is false -- we are more likely to decide based on how we feel about an issue than spending a comparatively little time figuring out the facts and then making what would be the right decision for us.


Game of Thrones’ sixth season provided what the show sorely needed: Motion

Enlarge / Say it with me: FINALLY. (credit: HBO)

Spoiler alert: The below contains heavy spoilers for the Game of Thrones season six finale and the entire series to date. If you haven’t watched and want to go in fresh, stop reading now.

Think back to the very first scene of Game of Thrones. It wasn't about Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen or Tyrion Lannister, though we meet all of these characters in the show's opening hour. It's about a small group of men from the Night's Watch, barely named and swiftly dispatched, who encounter something so terrible that they'd rather be executed than face it. It's the stuff of fairy tales and nightmares, it hates mankind, and it's coming.

The confrontation between humanity and the eldritch terrors from north of the Wall has been Game of Thrones' endgame since that very first scene, but the six years of show since have moved toward that confrontation in fits and starts. At its best, the series draws us in completely, allowing us to root for multiple people on multiple sides of a conflict even when they change sides. Never has a show so effortlessly mastered the heel-face turn. At its worst, Game of Thrones meanders, too absorbed in the 8,000 little stories it's trying to tell to meaningfully advance that Big Story.

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