The problems with using Dropbox for cloud-only storage

Ørjan Takle asked about storing photos on the Dropbox server without local storage. I’ll also cover Dropbox backup issues.

Dropbox’s primary job is to keep files synced across multiple computers and devices. The idea is that your files exist both locally (on your hard drive or SSD) and in the cloud (Dropbox’s servers). If you boot another PC that’s also set up with your Dropbox account, the files are synced there, as well.

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20% off Nest Learning Thermostat Through July 4 – Deal Alert

The Nest learning thermostat learns from you and programs itself, so it is cooling and heating more efficiently and saving you money. Plus, it can be controlled from anywhere on earth through your mobile device. So coming home from vacation no longer means coming back to a blisteringly hot house. Nest claims that on average people save 10% to 15% on heating and cooling bills, so this is one of those products that aims to pay for itself. Nest also works with "Alexa". It averages 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 4,600 people (84% rate it 5 stars -- read reviews). It typically lists for $249, but through July 4th it's being discounted 20%, down to $199. Learn more or purchase the discounted Nest (3rd generation - current model) at Amazon.

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That time when Littlefinger and Lyanna Stark promoted a comet landing

A still image from the movie Ambition. (credit: European Space Agency)

Littlefinger, the conniving and vulpine Game of Thrones character who loves all the Stark women, got together with one of them two years ago to promote the European Space Agency's comet-chasing mission, Rosetta.

Aidan Gillen and Aisling Franciosi, who play Littlefinger and Lyanna Stark respectively, starred in the short film to hype the mission, which caught up to Comet Churyumov–Gerasimenko in 2014 and later sent the small Philae spacecraft to make a soft landing in November of that year. The movie, titled Ambition, is all the more chilling after Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones, in which Franciosi (Lyanna Stark) plays a key role in finally revealing the true parentage of Jon Snow.

In the short film, Franciosi seems to be some kind of a Jedi padawan in a far future Earth. As part of one lesson, Gillen recalls the Rosetta mission that had occurred in the distant past, explaining that it was about more a comet rendezvous. "We also wanted to show what was possible," Gillen's character explained.

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