Presenting 12 examples of savvy cinematography, from the moving ‘Manchester by the Sea’ to the creepy ‘Split’

With the advent of smaller cameras there followed more hand-held cinematography, and thus more shaking, nausea-inducing movies. Many of this week’s new and notable streaming movies celebrates smooth camerawork, with attention to space, depth, movement, and rhythm—all of which looks great on a TV screen as well as on a movie screen.

To demonstrate, we have an Oscar-winning drama, an action-packed crime film, a story about two generations of men, a giant monster movie, a movie about a kidnapper with dissociative identity disorder, and a nightmarish story—literally Kafka-esque—about a man accused of an unknown crime.

Lower budget movies may feature grainier camerawork, or appear more washed-out, but the effect is no less deliberate. In a story about a one-night stand carried over into the next day, in a disturbing story of manipulation, or in a horror tale about a pregnant mother taking sinister orders from her unborn child, the camera placement is still expertly made.

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